Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe

Episode One of Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe was published on August 24, 2019. The video is the first episode in a series of episodes following the Playground Sports co-ed softball team, Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe. The team was created by Troy Awbrey in the summer of 2019 following a sub-par performance during a season playing with his work team. Awbrey then decided to enlist his friends in the hopes of building a championship caliber team that would help him continue his success and build on his legacy with Playground Sports in the years to come.

When Awbrey asked me to play on the team, I informed him that I would be producing an ongoing video documentary of the team throughout the season. I am currently the team’s left fielder and photographer.

Episodes air on Saturday before game day.

Permit To Drive

On October 18, 2017, I had the privilege of driving with my nephew Greg Jones, who had just received his driving permit a week before. When we returned from our drive, I had the opportunity to talk to his dad, my brother-in-law, also Greg Jones, about the new driver and the concerns he might have now that his son is driving.

Trolling Justin Marcus

During the 2011 fantasy football season, I received numerous unsolicited voicemails from Justin Marcus regarding his team and the unfavorable season that I happened to have that year. I saved the voicemails for the purpose of this compilation.

30 for 30 – The Marcus Files

Put together this favorite of mine in 2014 before our league’s fantasy football draft. The video is edited mostly from VHS footage from a camping trip in 1997. In no way is the video intended harm the individual that it portrays, but it is meant to motivate him through self-reflection and humility.

Community Outreach Response Team

Downtown Team – CORT from EPD PIO on Vimeo.

I put this video together last year around this time of the Community Outreach Response Team, which was a fairly new program at that time. Definitely my favorite part of working in the public information office is getting to see officers interact with the community first-hand and having the opportunity to capture it in video or photos.

What I find most impressive about these officers, is how calm and understanding they are when working with people in crisis. It definitely takes a special person to be able to interact with people in this way, and I am overwhelmed with how much they care about these people and the community.

The CORT program uses the EPD Downtown Team, working together with CAHOOTS and Lane County Behavioral Health to focus efforts on outreach in the downtown community.

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