Regas Brothers Wrestling

This is a short video of my friends, Sean, age 12, and Ethan Regas, age 8, brothers, who seemed to have skipped several steps in the aging process. I’ve had a front row seat, watching them run back and forth, my front window like a spectator’s view at a sporting event. The constant movement, helping their parents in the yard, throwing the football, playing basketball, is a reminder of my youth, however, the stages between watching them as infants and barely being able to walk to becoming such talented athletes is a blur. This story is about their relationship with wrestling, but if it is not evident from the video, I would be remiss not to mention their kindness. They are thoughtful, considerate, and right now, literally knocking at my front door to bring me fresh eggs from their farm.

Thank you to coaches Dennis Harada and Jason Powell for their help in telling this story.


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