January At The Office

In the last week, I was able to complete three video projects for work, all ranging in subject and purpose.

This video was posted to social media to draw awareness to bus safety laws. The Eugene Police Traffic Safety Unit conducted an operation to target specific problem areas where drivers were not following bus safety laws and stopping for the flashing red lights. I was tasked by the unit to create a video that would highlight these safety laws.
Our office created this short video to highlight some of our responsibilities and projects to give a quick example of what we do, and the amount of work produced by our office. A link to the video was posted to our webpage on eugenepolice.com at https://eugene-or.gov/888/News-and-Public-Info
This 3.5 minute video is about a woman, Stacey Apodaca, who talks about her transition from being without housing, to living in a Conestoga hut, and eventually living in an apartment. During the progression, Apodaca received help from the EPD outreach team, the City of Eugene and community, who helped her navigate the process. I always feel a different type of pressure working on this kind of project because of how trusting the interviewee is in my ability to portray them in a positive light. In this video, the person trusting me is also vulnerable to an audience of thousands on our social media pages, and who are not always the most kind or empathetic. Despite the pressure, I enjoy these projects and the opportunity to meet people that I probably wouldn’t normally talk to if not for this assignment.

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