Fantasy Football League

In 2017, the entry fee for fantasy football league Too Many Californians was increased to a more serious denomination of $100. The league rotates annually between auction and standard draft formats. These are the results from the first two years.

2019 Standard Draft Format
League Champion: Justin Marcus, 2nd Rando Rick, 3rd GloriouslyVictorious, 4th FaceTheFacts, 5th Funkdified, 6th The Bloody Nine

2019 Standings

2018 Auction Draft Format
League Champion: Luke Skywokka, 2nd Rando Rick, 3rd The Garoppolypse, 4th GloriouslyVictorious, 5th Yo mama said you Fat, 6th The Bloody Nine

2018 Standings

2017 Standard Draft Format
League Champion: Justin Marcus, 2nd Yo mama said you Fat,
3rd GloriouslyVictorious, 4th Mother Buckners, 5th Kyle Guglielmo,
6th The Bloody Nine

2017 Standings

Overall Win/Loss Record Through Three Seasons
Team Record
Chris Marcus         26-13
Justin Marcus        26-13
Carlos Moran         23-16
Caleb Dooley         22-17
Luke Dillon          22-17
Wally/Eric Goodline  21-18
Rick Weber           20-19
Heath Hankemeier     17-20
John Hankemeier      17-22
Troy Awbrey          17-22
Rick Weber           20-19

*Less than three seasons
Kyle Guglielmo             9-17
Kendrick McDaniel          6-7
Brent Kinney               5-8
Jay Brennan                5-8
Big Marc                   2-11
Travis "I'm A Loser" York  0-13

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